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Cretan gastronomy is known all over the world.
Its great secret is the  olive oil, the “Liquid Gold”, which contributes to the longevity of its inhabitants.
Crete is a blessed place where products of exceptional quality are produced such as fruits, vegetables, wild greens(horta), thyme honey, locusts, herbs and aromatic plants.
More than 1700 species of plants grow in Crete of which 159 are endemic. Oregano, thyme, rosemary, mint, fennel are used in Cretan cuisine. Cretans love decoctions like malotira (mountain tea), diktamos, sage, marjoram and chamomile.
Apart from the Cretans, the lambs and goats in Crete are fed by Cretan plants and give us fine meat and excellent cheese products. The most famous are the Graviera, mizithra, feta and staka. 
Crete is a relatively self-sufficient place, in which many pastries  are produced such  as paximadi or dakos. The Cretans also make their own pasta and many specialities with dough.
They also love eating snails and cook them with a special way, frying them with vinegar and rosemary (boubouristi chochli).
Cretan sweets made from pure local products such as honey, olive oil, must, fruits and walnuts are delicious!
When visiting Crete, you definitely have to taste the famous “antikristo”. You can not imagine how tasteful a piece of meat with just salt can be! 
If you are lucky and you are able to participate to a Cretan wedding, you will love the “gamopilafo” and the rest local menu. 
Alternatively and more easily, visit a local traditional taverna or a restaurant and ask for the local specialities. Combine them with a glass of wine or raki, the cretan spirit made by grapes. 
As dessert, ask for a “sfakiani pita” or some yoghurt with honey or fruits and get impressed forever! 

We present you below a list of local delicacies that we suggest: 
10 Must Try Foods in Crete
-Dakos(rusk with tomato, feta cheese, oregano and olive oil)
-Cretan salad 
- Chochli boubouristi(snails) 
-Gamopilafo (rice with broth)
-Lamp with stamnagathi
- Apaki (smoked pork with vinegar) 
- Horta (wild greens) with olive oil and lemon 
- Graviera cheese
- Sfakiani pita(cheese pie) with honey and cinnamon 

With great pleasure we will suggest you more specialities and restaurants. Let us drive you to whichever you choose!